Its looking like picking is going to land on just two days this year, which means we could really use your help!  Sat Sept 13th starting at 7am and Sat Sept 20th starting at 7am. If you can't get here right at 7am thats ok, we'll see you when you get here! 

A fabulous lunch and beverages will be served to all volunteer pickers!

If it rains we will be picking the following Sunday, if you are worried we rescheduled picking please call Lisa at 563-495-0842 or check this facebook page. Thanks!








WE WILL BE CLOSED THE FOLLOWING MONTHS: JANUARY, FEBRUARY AND MARCH- if you need bottles of wine during these months, or would like to have a private party please contact the winery as we can always accommodate that: 563-495-0842 or  We are now shipping wine.  If you would like to have wine shipped to you please contact Lisa at 563-495-0842 or


3 of our wines can be found at Wines of Iowa in West DesMoines
3 of our wines can be found at Newbo City Market in Cedar Rapids
2 of our wines can be found at Dubuque Food Co-op in Dubuque
Most of our wines can be found at Widner Drug Store in Manchester

Welcome to Crimson Sunset Vineyards, Winery & Cidery

Located at 24765 Highway 151 West Cascade, Iowa 52033

Now offering 3 types of craft Hard Cider!  

Original craft hard cider can be found at a store near you in: Dubuque, East Dubuque, Cascade, Monticello, Mount Vernon, Solon, Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Coralville, Iowa City.

Wines Currently Available:

  • Brianna
  • Prairie Star
  • Marquette
  • Sabrevois
  • St Pepin
  • Frontenac Gris
  • Frontenac
  • Lacrescent
  • Crimson Rose
  • Noriet
  • Rhombus
  • Swenson White
  • White Velvet
  • St Croix

Kevin & Lisa are fervently dedicated to the quality of their wine, and only use grapes grown by themselves.  Only winery in the state of Iowa with certified organic vineyards.  

Estate winery.

Their winery is in an off-grid facility powered by a one kilowatt wind turbine and a 3800 watt solar array consisting of 15 panels. There is a 3500 pound battery bank for storage, and a 6 kilowatt inverter for DC to AC power conversion so all the electricity in the house and winery is like a normal building. The hot water is produced using a combination of a solar hot water panel built by Kevin, wood, and electricity from the off-grid system. An outdoor wood stove produces the heat, and the air conditioning is from a 2.5 ton geo system with loop field. Much of the building project was completed by Kevin and Lisa themselves and started in March of 2010. The stonework and landscaping was completed with the use of stone quarried near the building along with the base rock for the three-fourths of a mile lane.

Current hours:

  • Mondays:       CLOSED
  • Tuesdays:      CLOSED
  • Wednesdays: 11:00am - 7:00pm
  • Thursdays:    11:00am - 7:00pm
  • Fridays:         11:00am - 7:00pm
  • Saturdays:     11:00am - 7:00pm
  • Sundays:       11:00am - 7:00pm


Our phone: 563.495.0842.

If you have a group of 8 or more please call or email ahead if possible.  Thanks.

Our tasting room opened Dec 2012.

For more information and pictures please check out our facebook page

Brief History

Our venture started in 2005 by rooting cuttings sourced from local vineyards. Our first one acre vineyard was planted in 2006 with over 50 different varieties to test and see what grew best organically and which were the most fungal and pest resistant. In 2008 we then decided on the best 12 varieties and planted 6 more acres of grapes. In 2011 we planted 400 petite pearl vines. The trellis system in the vineyard is vertical shoot position (VSP) to maximize sun exposure and quality of the grapes. Black locust posts locally harvested by Kevin support the trellis system. The vines are planted in low vigor limestone soils to enhance varietal character. No chemicals are ever used on our grapes and our grapes are certified organic. 

The grapes are guided through the process to wine with minimal intervention, and never pumped or filtered along the way. We only add what is necessary for great wine, and never cane sugar or water. The whites and blushes are sweetened with our pure grape juice. This means we pack many grapes into every glass of our delicious wine.

Kevin graduated from the University of Northern Iowa where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He grew up near Cascade on the family farm, which is just north of the vineyard and winery. He has 5 brothers and 1 sister.

Lisa graduated from Hawkeye Community College with an Associates of Applied Science degree in dental hygiene. She has 2 sisters, 3 brothers and is originally from Delhi, Iowa.

Kevin and Lisa have been together since 1997 and were married in 2005. They have one child and one dog.

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